RESOURCE CHECKLIST for                  
Use this checklist to keep track of what you have searched & what you need to search.
Use a separate sheet for each ancestor. Copyright © 2016
  Family Bible   Citizenship & Naturalization Papers
  Interviews with Family Members   Alien Registration
  Family Histories/Genealogies by Relatives   Deportation Papers
  Published Genealogies   Passport and Visa
  Library of Congress   Immigration Passenger Lists   Deeds & Abstracts   Land Grants
  County Histories   Estate Records
  Birth Certificate & Records   Court Records
  Birth Announcement/Baby Photo   Tax & Voting Lists
  Blessing/Baptism/Christening Record   City Directories
  Confirmation Record   Social Security Application
  Church and Parish Records   US Federal Census Records
  Civil Registrations __1790 __1800 __1810 __1820 __1830
  Marriage Certificate & Records __1840 __1850 __1860 __1870 __1880
  Marriage/Anniversary Announcement __1890 __1900 __1910 __1920 __1930 __1940
  Divorce Papers   State Census Records
  Wedding/Anniversary Photo __AL __AK __AZ __AR __CA __CO __CT __DE
  Church and Parish Records __FL __GA __HI __ID __IL __IN __IA __KS
  Civil Registrations __KY __LA __ME __MD __MA __MI __MN __MS
  Death Certificate & Records __MO __MT __NE __NV __NH __NJ __NM __NY
  Obituary __NC __ND __OH __OK __OR __PA __RI __SC
  Funeral Home Record __SD __TN __TX __UT __VT __VA __WA __WV
  Cemetery Sexton Record __WI __WY
  Tombstone Inscription   US Districts, Territories, and Possessions Census Records
  Will/Probate Record __American Samoa (AS)
  Inventories __District of Columbia (DC)
  Apprenticeship Records __Federated States of Micronesia (FM)
  Memorial Card __Guam (GU)
  Church and Parish Records __Marshall Islands (MH)
  Military Records __Northern Mariana Islands (MP)
  American Revolution 1775-1783 __Palau (PW)
  War of 1812 1812-1815 __Puerto Rico (PR)
  Indian Wars 1815-1858 __Virgin Islands (VI)
  Patriot War of 1838-1839   Federal Mortality Schedules
  Mexican War 1846-1848n __ 1850 __ 1860 __ 1870 __ 1880
  Civil War 1861-1865   Native American Census
  Spanish American War 1898-1899   1832 & 1860 Creek Census
  Guardianship/Philippine Insurrection 1899-1902   1851 Chapman Roll
  World War I 1917-1918   1851 Cherokees East of Mississippi
  World War II 1941-1945   1845 Act of Congress Roll
  1950-1957 Korean Conflict   1880 Cherokee Census
  1957-1995 Vietman War   1885-1930 Crow Census
  Selective Service/Draft Registration   Dawes Commission 1893-1914
  Pension Records   1900 Chickasaw Nation
  National Guard Service Records   1900 Indian Territory Census
  Discharge Papers   1901 Caddo Indian Census
  1904-1908 Ute Census - Colorado
  1912 Kiowa Indian Census - OK
  Guion Miller Rolls
  UK Census and Civil Registration
Canadian Census
School and University Records
  Societies and Fraternal Organizations
Occupational Organizations