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Search For Your Ancestry Build Your Family Tree

Search the world's largest genealogy, pedigree-linked database. Over 1 Billion Records. Build your Family History with a Family Search from Birth Records, Marriage Records, Death Records, and - of course - Family Trees in the Ancestry Archive™ Search

Every Family Search will automatically search every name in your family tree and link you directly with your ancestors. Every Name Family Tree Search

Every Name End-of-Line Search will search each ancestor at the end of each family tree line within your family history database. Every Name End-of-Line Search.

Search for Internet database files across the world. Save time looking for genealogy data on the Internet with a single high powered Ancestry Archive™ search. Internet Database Search

Share your family tree worldwide (data on living people reserved for your family members only). Upload Your Family Tree

Host an on-line family reunion with your family password. Family Access

Share pictures and scanned images.

Cut and paste new data directly from our Ancestry Archive™ and add it to your family tree. Ancestry Archive™ Search

Family members can copy and download your latest updates, including the latest baby photos and life sketches. Family Access

Create an online Family Newsletter. Your family can read it, using the Family Password through Family Access

Find lost cousins by sharing your family tree. Upload Your Family Tree
Share Your Family Tree Search Extracted Records

Building your own family tree on-line is simple and easy with our free Online, the first and most complete family tree program that runs over the Internet right from your browser. Enter at least 15 families and 60 individuals and get a free month of subscription services. Online

Store family history pictures online for display with your family tree. Online

Print on-line family group sheets and pedigree charts from your family tree. Online

For an individual in your family tree that has been adopted, you can build your tree by following both the natural parents line and the adopted parents line. Online

If you wish to keep your family tree off-line, we have free genealogy software. Legacy 8.0 Family Tree

Many vital records have additional data, such as parents, etc., which are now shown in pedigree-linked format for easy inclusion into your own family tree. Ancestry Archive™ Search

Enjoy our easy to use Ellis Island genealogy search screen with an image finding aid to easily locate ship passenger lists. Ellis Island

Our extracted records database collection includes:
Canadian Genealogy Records

UK Genealogy Records

New Zealand Genealogy Records

US Genealogy Records

Census Records

UK Military Records

US Pioneer Records

Search All Extracted Birth, Death, Marriage, and Other Records

with more being added continually.

As part of our Ancestry Archive™ search you have access to the LDS Church (Mormon) genealogical records as well as our own. Ancestry Archive™ Search
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Alabama Maryland South Carolina
Alaska Massachusetts South Dakota
Arizona Michigan Tennessee
Arkansas Minnesota Texas
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Connecticut Montana Virginia
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Georgia New Jersey Wyoming
Hawaii New Mexico American Samoa
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Illinois North Carolina Northern Mariana Islands
Indiana North Dakota Puerto Rico
Iowa Ohio Virgin Islands
Kansas Oklahoma Federated States of Micronesia
Kentucky Oregon Marshall Islands
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Maine Rhode Island  
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Hong Kong
New Zealand
United Kingdom

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Register for Today! offers you incredible, simple ways to research genealogy and ancestry. You can quickly and simply sort through billions of records. For instance, you can find ALL of your Ancestors in our genealogical databases all at once, using our powerful Every Family Search tool - our Every Family Search Saves You Time!

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