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   What's New

May 2014 -
Create a Media Showcase for Every Person and Every Family in Your Family Tree at Click here to see details.
January 2014-
New Search Technology - Family Relationship Searching -
A new site search engine was introduced in January which features a completely new way of searching. Family Relationship Searching includes an option to search for a person without ever entering their name! You can use close family members in addition to places to locate that elusive ancestor. Improvements in prioritizing your results also mean that you will see more relevant hits at the top of the Search Results list so you don't have to wade through pages of unrelated hits. Go to the Search menu tab on the site and choose Advanced Search from the drop down menu.

New Equipment Upgrades
Our new equipment now makes your "Search Results" display in a fraction of the time than previously. Less time waiting means more time searching!

June 2013 -
Among all the changes happening on our site, our archives have continued to grow. We now have over 556 million names available to search using the Ancestry Archive Search. We are continually striving to add more names to be sure to give our patrons the best service possible.
April 2013 - Family Map
Imagine being able to see in an instant a map of all the places listed in your family tree. You can now do exactly that with our new feature, the Family Map. This helps you keep track of migration patterns and easily see if there are mistakes in the information. To display your Family Map, log on to MyTrees Online under the My Family Tree menu tab, and then click on any surname in the pedigree chart. The "Family Map" feature is part of the family editing options.
March 2013 - Family Timeline
You can now see an overview of your ancestor's life at a glance with the addition of a new feature, the Family Timeline. This helps you to not only recognize what information you have added for individuals, but also where you are missing data. To display your Timeline, log on to MyTrees Online through the My Family Tree tab. Open your family tree and click on any surname. You'll find the "Family Timeline" feature under the family editing options.
November 2012 - Maine Vital Records
For those of you researching ancestry in Maine, we have added 1.5 million records from 2 collections; Maine Death Records from 1960 - 1996, and Maine Marriages from 1892 - 1966 and 1977 - 1996. To search these vital record resources go to the U.S. Genealogy option under the Search menu tab.
September 2012 -
MyTrees Online, our online genealogy program, has been updated and streamlined to make building your tree easier than ever. Try out the updated MyTrees Online program by clicking the My Family Tree menu tab at the top.
August 2012 - Updated Social Security Death Index
All recent deaths are included as well as any changes to incorrect information in past Death Indexes. The SSDI is still a free service, with or without an account. You'll find it in the Search Menu under Ancestry Archive Searches.
March 2012 - New Picture Options for Your Family Tree
We've installed an enhanced Picture options in the "My Family Tree" section! The "Upload Pictures" process has been streamlined to make it easier than ever to add pictures to your family tree. Try it out by clicking the "Upload Pictures" option button in "My Family Tree". For more information see our FAQ about Pictures In MyTrees Online.
February 2012 - Birthday Calendar
Ever wondered if you share a birthday with someone else in your extended family or your ancestors? Have trouble remembering family birthdays? The improved Birthday Calendar option in My Family Tree now makes it simple to keep track of those important dates. It is fun and memory provoking to see the Birthdays and ages of our long deceased ancestors. You may even find you have the same Birthday as your famous and rich Great Uncle George.
August 2011 - During the month of August we released our updated "Notify Me" service which does a more targeted search of new data coming into the site. No more multiple emails for the same old search results. Now the program will only send you one email for results found for your Registered Searches. Only new GEDCOM uploads are searched. Data added by hand or appended to existing pedigrees won't be searched. So be sure to periodically search the site by hand in case someone has added your elusive ancestor.
July 2011 - We would like to thank those who purchased a subscription in June. 10% of these subscriptions were contributed to help the tornado victims in the Southern and Midwestern United States; we made the donation to the Salvation Army.

Also for a week in July to celebrate summer, we offered a special discount on subscriptions.

During the first part of July we added an exciting new feature to our MyTrees Online program. Titled the "My Personal History" section or sometimes called "My History", you can write your personal history in less than an hour using our newest technology.

June 2011 - As we witness the string of tornadoes that have recently caused such destruction in the Southern and Midwestern United States, it is natural that we feel an urge to help. That's why we'll be donating part of each subscription fee we receive in the month of June to the tornado relief effort. When you purchase a subscription between now and June 30th, 10% will be donated to either Heart to Heart or to the Salvation Army, who are working to relieve the suffering in Alabama, Missouri, and other effected areas. We have chosen to lend our support to these organizations because, after careful research, we found that more than 90% of the money they receive goes directly to relief. So, purchase a subscription today and join us in helping those in need, while finding your family connections at the same time.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the tornado devastation which occurred in the Midwest and Southern United States and also to those in other parts of the world who are experiencing losses caused by natural disasters.

As always, we appreciate your support and feedback! If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to us at

May 2011 - Our 25% off Spring Sale ended the last day of April. rolled back our 1 month subscription to a 2008 price for a limited time. If you couldn't take advantage of it, don't worry, summer savings are coming soon!

February 2011 - We are happy to announce that we are making the long awaited move to The site itself will remain unchanged, except that all links will direct to The decision to change the name of the website was made some time ago and we have slowly been moving towards the shorter and easier to remember name of We are pleased that the final move will be made this month. You should not notice any change in your service. If you have saved a link to in your bookmarks or favorites, we encourage you to update that link to

As always, we appreciate your support and feedback! If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to us at

January 2011 - As we move into the new year here at, we've been reflecting on some of the exciting improvements and additions that have been made to the site over the past year. During 2010, our Ancestry Archive database passed the half billion name mark! You can now search more than 517 million names at We've also continued to add names to the Books and Records database and added some new features and tools to help you find your ancestors.

To find out more about the improvements and additions made in 2010, click here.

December 2010 - wishes you Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, and a Joyous Holiday Season! As in years past, we're celebrating the holidays with our annual Holiday Giveaway. Every Friday in December we will be giving away a one year subscription. All you have to do is visit the website once each week and sign up to win!

To sign up for this week's drawing, click here.

October 2010 - Want to get a head start on the holidays this year? We've created a list of gift ideas perfect for sharing the holiday spirit with your family members and fellow genealogists. You'll find gifts that will fit into any budget, all specifically chosen to help you share your love of family and family history with others. Check out our list of Holiday Gift Ideas.
September 2010 - Looking for your ancestors? Let us help! When you sign up for our "Notify Me" service, we'll let you know when new information has been added for the surnames you're researching. Enter only one surname at a time. However, you can make as many entries as you like and we'll send you an email whenever one of those surnames has been added to a family tree in our Ancestry Archive.

To get started, visit the "Notify Me" request page. Enter your email address and add ONE surname above. Click SUBMIT and then check your email for confirmation that your request has been received. Come back as often as you like to add or remove a surname from your "Notify Me" list.

April 2010 - Now you can keep up with the latest by following the news feed. This valuable new feature allows you to see at a glance what names, databases, articles, and other resources have been added to recently. You can follow the news feed from our site, from an RSS reader, or by adding the feed to your own website. Click here to view the news feed with our latest headlines.
March 2010 - You can now search an index of 4 million Civil War records at This collection contains the Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who served in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, and organizations formed by the Confederate Government. The actual images can be viewed, for a small fee, from Find your Confederate ancestor now by searching our Civil War Index.
February 2010 - We have improved our search engine to make it easier than ever to find the results you're looking for in our Ancestry Archive! In the past, you may have found that your results were bogged down with hits from We found that this was caused by the order of the search results and have changed this so that now most of your results will be from researched family trees. We invite you to come back and try a new search to see what information is available in our half a billion name Ancestry Archive.
January 2010 - You can now search more than a half billion names at! We are pleased to announce that our Ancestry Archive index has recently passed the 500 million record mark. To begin your search, click here.

The Social Security Death Index at has been updated and improved. The updated index contains more than 86 million names and is current through November 30, 2009. Improved searching capabilities allow you to search for the birth, as well as death, dates in the Ancestry Archive Index. For even more advanced searching options, search directly in the Social Security Death Index.

Many other valuable records were added to the index during the past year. To view a description of these fabulous new resources, see 2009: A Year in Review.

November 2009 - You can now purchase gift certificates for monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions to The gift certificate can be printed off or emailed directly to the recipient and will never expire. For more information, click here.

For other great family history gift ideas, visit our Holiday Gift Ideas list.

August 2009 - We are pleased to announce that we have added a Location Search to our site. This new feature allows you to search first by place, then by event type and time period, and finally by surname to more easily find your ancestors in our database. The Location Search is only available for family trees that have included the place names and dates for individuals in the trees. Family trees that do not include this information may be searched from the Ancestry Archive search screen.
3 July 2009 - If you attempted to make a credit card payment this morning, you may have experienced difficulties., the credit card processing company that we use, was down due to a fire in one of the buildings in the complex where they are housed. We are sorry for the inconvenience. The problem has been resolved. You will now be able to make a credit card payment to activate your account.
May 2009 - 1930 US Census Records
You can now search the 1930 US Census index from Images of the original documents are available from for a small fee.
April 2009 - New Subscription Prices
Our new subscription prices have gone into effect. This is our first major price increase in the twelve years we have been in business and has been long postponed. Our new prices are:
  • $10 for ten days
  • $20 for one month
  • $45 for three months
  • $120 for one year
We would like to thank those who have written in to offer suggestions and assistance. We appreciate your kind words. As always, we welcome your feedback. Any comments or suggestions can be sent to
April 2009 - New Records Added is pleased to announce that more databases have been added to the full-text search of the "Books and Source Records" archive. The following records have been added:
  • Arkansas, Greene, 1822-1999 Marriage Records
  • Canada, Alberta, Lethbridge, Cardston, 1811-1974 Cemetery
  • Canada, British Columbia, Creston, 1830-1946 Cemetery Records
  • Canada, Alberta, Raymond, 1825-1955 Cemetery Records
  • Ohio, All Counties, Death Records 1753-1990
  • California, Nevada County, Grass Valley Daily Union 1903-1907
  • Family History, Littlehales
For a complete list of the searchable records in the "Books and Source Records" log into your account and click the "Search Now" link that is located under the lower portion of the screen.
December 2008 - Subscription Price Increase
Over the years, our goal has been to provide our services at the lowest possible cost to you. As our maintenance costs have risen, we have largely kept our prices constant, with only one small increase to the ten day subscription. In the twelve years that we have been in business, this will be our first major price increase. Starting April 1, the new prices will be:
  • $10 for ten days
  • $20 for one month
  • $45 for three months
  • $120 for one year

November 2008 - has partnered with to bring you a more complete search of Revolutionary War Pension Files. This new collection represents an addition of 3.5 million records to our indexes. Images of the original documents are available, for a small fee, from

October 2008 - More Databases Added to Books and Records Search is privileged to present the new full-text search of the "Books and Source Records" database at Books and Records Search. This is an exciting new database and will provide new documentation and sources for genealogists.

The following records have been added:
  • California, Tuolumne, 1904-1905 Marriages
  • Connecticut, All, 1790 Census
  • Maine, All, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Ann Arundel, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Baltimore, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Caroline, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Cecil, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Charles, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Dorchester, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Frederick, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Hartford, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Kent, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Montgomery, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Prince Georges, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Queen Annes, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, St. Marys, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Talbot, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Washington, 1790 US Census
  • Maryland, Worcester, 1790 US Census
  • Massachusetts, Barnstable, 1790 US Census
  • Massachusetts, Berkshire, 1790 US Census
  • Massachusetts, Bristol, 1790 US Census
  • Massachusetts, Dukes, 1790 US Census
  • Massachusetts, Essex, 1790 US Census
  • Massachusetts, Hampshire, 1790 US Census
  • Massachusetts, Middlesex, 1790 US Census
  • Massachusetts, Nantucket, 1790 US Census
  • Massachusetts, Plymouth, 1790 US Census
  • Massachusetts, Suffolk, 1790 US Census
  • Montana, Carbon, 1895-1911 Marriages
  • Montana, Jefferson, 1893-1918 Marriages
  • Montana, Lewis and Clark, 1887-1918 Marriages
  • Montana, Silver Bow, 1830-1947 Marriages
  • New York, All, Families before 1850
  • Wisconsin, Florence, 1882-1907 Marriages
  • Wisconsin, Grant, 1857-1866 Marriages
  • Wisconsin, Grant, 1868-1899 Marriages
  • Wisconsin, Iowa, 1907 Marriages
  • Wisconsin, Iron, 1893-1906 Marriages

October 2008 - New, more extensive search of the 1860 US Census Index! is pleased to announce the partnering with to make available to our patrons a new, more accurate search engine for the 1860 US Census Index.

March 2008 - To view our latest series of articles on "How to Digitize Old Photos and Slides", click 'Resources' and "Digitizing Old Photos" or "Digitizing Old Slides". Coming soon will be our article on "Using a Scanner to Digitize Photos and Slides" including recommendations from our readers for the best devices they have used for each media.
January 2008 - Holiday Giveaway Ends.

December 2007 - Enter the weekly GIVEAWAY contest.
Register to WIN a FULL YEAR Subscription to the Family History Research Center
Search our 240 Million Name Pedigree-Linked Archive
The World's Largest Pedigree-Linked Database
Holiday Special - A drawing EVERY MONDAY
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February 2007

The management of Kindred Konnections, Inc. has been reorganized:

  • Michael T. Andrews has been removed as President of Kindred Konnections, Inc.

  • Frank C. Carman II, Ph.D. has been installed as President of Kindred Konnections, Inc. in addition to his current positions as CEO and V.P. of R&D.

  • Cynthia (Cindy) K. Carman has been installed as Chairman of the Board of Kindred Konnections, Inc. in addition to her current position of CFO.

We have upgraded our site with a new, faster server and Internet connection.

August 2004

Over the last 3 months another 10 million pedigree linked names have been added to the Ancestry Archive. The Archive has now reached 170 million plus pedigree linked names. Also 10,000+ Kentucky marriages were added to the extracted archive. The years for these marriages range from 1781 to 1800.

May 2004

6,000 Kentucky obituaries were added to the extracted records plus 25,000 New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia marriages were also added.

April 2004

AOL users can now FTP their large GEDCOMs to us. If you access MyTrees Online from an AOL account, you may have found it difficult to send us your Family History file (GEDCOM) through the upload screen found on the site, especially if your GEDCOM file was very large. If you had tried to upload your GEDCOM, the AOL system would probably have timed out your upload before the whole file was completely sent. We would have sent you an email to suggest you try another means to send us your GEDCO M. We have recently found that AOL has an FTP function as part of its interface. You can FTP your GEDCOM as an ASCII or ZIPPED file. For complete instructions click here or click the "Contact Us" tab on the Homepage.
A new function has been added to MyTrees Online. Users can now Backup their file and then Restore the file from the backup. We have always suggested that our patrons download a copy of their MyTrees Online file in GEDCOM format for safe keeping; but some patrons couldn't, because they were using a WebTV or a public library to access the Internet. Now everyone can backup their file before they do an append or anytime they feel they have made significant changes to their MyTrees Online file. Click the "Back up" link on the left side menu. The "Restore" link is also on the left side menu.
We have changed the data quality calculations. Due to the extensive size of many of our databases it was necessary to limit the calculations of generations to 30. So it is important to remember that if the number of generations is listed as 30 for a given "Search Result" the true number of generations may exceed that significantly.
The MyTrees archive of pedigree linked names has grown by 13 million over the last 6 months. In addition, a significant number of Kentucky cemetery and death records have been added.

October 2003

Over this last 3 months 5 million pedigree linked names have been uploaded to the Archive. In addition 50,000 Indiana Marriage Records were added to the extracted data and also 50,000 Canadian Death Records. Many of these records include family data as part of the notes for an individual. For instance it may list the parents names in the notes or sometimes a extensive listing of family names and dates. More will be added in the next few months.
New feature added to Social Security Results!!!
A New Feature has been added to the Social Security Death Index Results. Now it shows the state in which the Social Security Application was applied for. This can be a clue to the state where the individual was born.
A New feature has been added to the Borden Virginia Cemetery Records.
Now each online page of the Cemetery listings gives details about the cemetery and other important biographical information. Visit the online index at

July 2003

Virginia Cemetery Records by noted researcher Duane Borden are taken from 6 of his 12 published works. They are:
* Tombstone Inscriptions, Toms Brook and vicinity, Shenandoah County Virginia published in 1981
* Tombstone Inscriptions, Strasburg and vicinity, Shenandoah County Virginia published in 1982.
* Tombstone Inscriptions, Shenandoah and Page Counties of Virginia published in 1984.
* Tombstone Inscriptions, New Market, Mt. Jackson, and Edinburg vicinities, Shenandoah County, Virginia published in 1984.
* Tombstone Inscriptions, Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal, Virginia and other Warren Co. vicinities published in 1985.
* Tombstone Inscriptions, Page County, Virginia published in 1986.

These books have been imaged and indexed and are now online at These six books contain approximately 55,500 indexed names from 283 cemeteries. Many of the cemetery records include detailed information about some individuals and often information about their parents and spouse. Some of the details included are age at death, place of death and burial, parents names, spouses name, and marriage date. All records include an image of the page in the book on which the information is printed. If your ancestors hail from Virginia you will want to search these valuable records.

June 2003

Shenandoah County Virginia Marriages 1850-1915 by noted researcher Duane Borden are taken from two of his 12 published works, Marriages, Shenandoah County Virginia, 1850-1882 published in 1987 and Marriages, Shenandoah County Virginia, 1882-1915 published in 1990. These books have been imaged and indexed and are now online at Between these two books there are approximately 9,000 marriages chronicled. Each marriage includes detailed information about the groom and bride and their parents. Some of the details included are age, place of birth and residence, parents names, as well as the usual marriage date and officiator. There is much more detailed genealogy data for many records. Some records include death date and burial place for the individual and all records include an image of the page in the book on which the information is printed. If your ancestors hail from Shenandoah County, Virginia you will want to look at this valuable record.

October 14, 2002 - We have recently updated our Social Security Death Index which now includes 65 Million Death Records Current to June 2002.
April 1, 2002 - has just announced their new site interface, making your research easier than ever. Our new format allows you to find your way around our site with ease.

With this new format we have separated the Ancestral Archive search results from the MyTrees PLUS match results. If you have run a MyTrees PLUS search, you will want to do it again. This search, as well as the Ancestral Archive search, now includes searches over all non-pedigree databases, such as the US SSDI, as well as the regular pedigree-linked archives.

Never before has doing research been made so easy. You will be pleasantly surprised with these improvements to our site interface - opening April 3, 2002.


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