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   New Records Added in 2010

As we move into the new year here at, we've been reflecting on some of the exciting improvements and additions that have been made to the site over the past year. During 2010, our Ancestry Archive database passed the half billion name mark! You can now search more than 517 million names at We've also continued to add names to the Books and Records database and added some new features and tools to help you find your ancestors.

2010 Additions

Pedigree Linked Family Trees
More than 14 million names were added to our Ancestry Archive database in 2010. That means our collection of family trees now contains more than 264 million pedigree linked names. These records represent the research of individual genealogists and can help you extend your pedigree charts, as well as helping you to connect with other researchers. Sometimes the most valuable genealogy find can be a fellow family historian searching for a common ancestry.

Early in 2010, we made a change to the Ancestry Archive search to help ensure that you were seeing as many of these valuable family trees as possible. This change improved the order of your search results so that the most applicable family trees always appear at the top of your search list. And of course, you can always rearrange the order of your search results to suit your individual searching needs. Search results can be sorted according to factors such as how many generations or ancestors each file co ntains, how many notes were included, and when the database was last updated.

Click here to search the Ancestry Archive Database.

Books and Records
In 2010, 23 new databases were added to the Books and Records database, which contains a total of 243 unique databases. This collection includes a broad range of text extractions. These extractions include vital records such as birth, marriage, death, and census records. This database also includes extractions from newspapers and family history books. The Newspaper announcements and obituaries can show you a glimpse of your ancestor's daily life. The information gleaned from these sources can tell you of the events big and small that were occurring around your ancestor. The extractions from family history books are rich in the family lore and stories that make genealogy so interesting. This database represents a chance to find so much more than just names and dates.

To see a complete list of available records, or to search the collection, click here.

Civil War Index from
At the beginning of the year, the Ancestry Archive Index at was enhanced by the addition of a valuable Civil War record collection from You can search an index of this collection of 4 million Civil War records on our site and the results will connect directly to images of these records at This collection contains the Compiled Service Records of Confederate soldiers who served in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, and organizations formed by the Confederate government. The actual images can be viewed, for a small fee, from, a website dedicated to providing you with original documents of historical and genealogical importance.

Click here to search for your Confederate ancestor.

Social Security Death Index
Early in 2010, we updated our copy of the Social Security Death Index and improved the searching capabilities to make it easier than ever to find your ancestors in the SSDI. The updated SSDI contains more than 86 million records. When searching for an ancestor on our Ancestry Archive search screen, you will now see results from the SSDI for birth as well as death dates. (P reviously, only results for the death date would display in the Ancestry Archive Search Results.) For more advanced search options, you can search directly in the Social Security Death Index. This specialized search allows you to search by social security number or by the state where you ancestor last resided, and also uses a range of birth or death years.

Click here to search the Social Security Death Index.

RSS Feed
In April, we added an RSS Feed to the homepage, allowing you to keep up with the latest news. This valuable tool allows you to see at a glance what names, databases, articles, and other resources have been added to recently. You can follow the news feed from our site, from an RSS reader. You can also add the feed to your own website. One of the first items you'll see for any given day is a notice about how many surnames were added to our Ancestry Archive database that day. When you click on the link from this notice, you'll be taken to a page that lists all the surnames that were added, so you can easily see if any of your ancestors' surnames were added on a particular day.

Click here to see a list of the latest headlines.

Notify Me
In September, we added a new service called Notify Me. When you sign up for Notify Me, we'll send you an email whenever a family tree has been added to our database that contains information on the surname(s) you register. Keeping track of new data being added online about your ancestors can be a time consuming project. Notify Me can save you hours of searching time by letting you know when something you might want to see has been added to the site.

Click here to sign up for Notify Me. Newsletter
We sent out four issues of our free genealogy newsletter in 2010. These newsletters included helpful How To articles on such topics as "Putting Together a Great Family Reunion" and "Ten Methods for Finding Your Female Ancestors." Each issue of the newsletter also contains a fun genealogy humor ar ticle, a book review, and a list of upcoming genealogy events. And if you have any questions about or any of our services, you can always check out the Ask Us and Site FAQs articles.

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For a list of records added to in 2009, click here.

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