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You may contact us by phone for any reason at 801-229-7967.
  • Weekdays from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm MST
  • Saturdays from 9 am to 12 noon MST
The current time in our office is

You may contact us by email: (Please include your name,' account number, and a detailed description of your problem when emailing us.)

For questions about Legacy 8.0 Family Tree:
If you have downloaded the free Legacy 8.0 Family Tree genealogy software and have questions about it, please contact the Legacy Technical Support online, email them, or call them at 425-788-0932.

To discontinue your subscription:
(Note: Subscription costs are $10/10-days, $20/month, $45/quarter, or $120/year - with a one-time free month when you submit a GEDCOM of your family history with at least 15 families and 60 individuals.)

  • Click MyAccount in the top menu and select Account Status.
  • Login, if you are not already logged in.
  • Click Do not renew my account.
  • When you discontinue your subscription it is still active until the time that you have paid for has expired. In other words, discontinuing your subscription is telling not to renew your subscription after the time that you have paid for has expired.

If you are unable to upload your GEDCOM file, you may send it to us in one of the following alternative ways:

  • E-Mail your GEDCOM file as an attachment with your name and account number.

  • Snail mail your GEDCOM file on a CD with your name and account number to:
    784 S. River Road #304
    St. George, Utah 84790

What is a GEDCOM File?

A GEDCOM file is a simple text file created by genealogy programs for sharing your genealogy with other genealogy software programs. By using one of the popular family history programs like PAF,, Brothers Keeper, Family Tree Maker, Ancestry, ROOTS IV, and others, you can enter your family information into your home computer.

Once you have completed the entry of the data, you can now export a GEDCOM file from your family history program and place it on your hard disk or a floppy disk. Please refer to the index of your user's manual for your specific genealogy program under the subject "exporting" or "GEDCOM" to make sure you understand how to export a GEDCOM file. The GEDCOM file that you create of your own family history information should have the ".ged" file extension appended to the file name by your genealogy program. If some other file extension is there, then you have not created a GEDCOM file, and you will need to refer back to your user's manual. If you are exporting a GEDCOM file from Family Tree Maker, be sure to set the Destination format as PAF.

Once you have created a GEDCOM file of your own family history with the ".ged" file extension, you are ready to submit your GEDCOM file to and receive one free month in the research library (a one-time offer). We do require at least a four generation pedigree chart to recieve your free month. This size of file is required to insure your success while making use of the automated searching (Every Name) feature of the Library. If you are using the NETSCAPE browser or better, you can upload your GEDCOM file to by clicking Submit then Your Family Tree. You may send us your GEDCOM file as an E-Mail attachment. Please send it to the Email address If this is not successful, you may snail mail your GEDCOM file on a disk to:, 784 S. River Road #304, St. George, Utah 84790.

Note: The word "GEDCOM" is an acronym that stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunication and represents a genealogical standard file format for exchanging genealogical data among different genealogical computer programs.

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