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   About Us

  • Our mission is to provide a platform where genealogists from around the world can share their research with each other.

  • We are also dedicated to enriching our research archives with resources that will benefit you, our patron and fellow family history researcher.

  • To be a comprehensive research center we are indexing sites on the Internet of genealogical and family history value.

  • Our goal is to provide these services at the lowest possible cost to you, our valued patron. ($10/10-days, $20/month, $45/quarter, or $120/year - with a one-time free month when you submit a GEDCOM of your family history with at least 15 families and 60 individuals).

  • Data freely given is freely shared. It is our policy to freely share data whenever the costs for that data allow us to provide it free of charge. Our Ancestry Archive Index is totally free.

We would like to welcome you to one of the most advanced genealogical research sites in the world. We have successfully set new standards in the presentation and display of genealogical data on the World Wide Web. You are now able to search through millions of names and have data presented in family pedigree linked format. You can preview the site before becoming a member by searching our Ancestry Archive Index to determine if we have potential names of interest. You can connect with researchers and other resources through this site. This is truly a new step for the genealogy and family history researcher.

We find that there are many thousands of genealogy sites on the Internet, but researchers are constantly looking for a single site that has the ability to provide enough data to be meaningful. This site has pedigree linked resources of many millions of names with access to over one billion names through other databases. The ability to manage this massive archive is one of our unique capabilities. We have been in the business of managing these large genealogical archives for over ten years.

The concept of "DATABASES FREELY GIVEN will be FREELY SHARED" is our policy. This organization is dedicated to the advancement of genealogical research, not to the selling of genealogical databases. Membership fees for the use of this site will be in support of software programs, computer systems, network accesses, and the management of this large database archive to insure your ongoing success while using this service. We will keep each submitter's database as a separate file within the archive to allow for convenient updates, unique submitter's content being represented. We provide quick turn around on making your database available for public access. We hope that you enjoy these advanced services and have a productive visit.

The officers of are:

  • President and CEO: Frank C. Carman II, Ph.D.

  • Chairman of the Board and CFO: Cynthia (Cindy) K. Carman

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