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   New Names Added in 2012
22061 Names Added Oct 22 2012
To Our Family Tree Database
A Surnames Added

Aakafulte, Abbett, Abbey, Abbot, Abbott, Abel, Aber, Able, Abner, Abodie, Abraham, Adam, Adams, Addison, Adele, Adkins, Agee, Agnew, Ahlheim, Alain, Alarie, Albert, Albrecht, Alewel, Alexander, Alexandre, Alford, Alicia, Allan, Allard, Alldredge, Allen, Allgaier, Allison, Allmond, Allnut, Allphin, Allspaugh, Alphin, Althage, Altman, Alton, Alvarez, Alverdes, Ambold, Ambrose, Amiot, Ammons, Amos, Amundsen, Ancelin, Anders, Anderson, Anderton, Andre, Andrews, Angus, Anharawd, Anna, Anne, Annis, Anthony, Apperson, Apple, Archambault, Archer, Ard, Arensberg, Armentrout, Armistead, Armour, Armstrong, Arnold, Arps, Arrington, Arsenault, Arseneau, Artz, Asher, Ashman, Asselin, Athen, Athey, Atkins, Atkinson, Atsalis, Attwood, Atwood, Aubrey, Aubry, Augst, Austin, Autin, Autry, Auxier, Auze, Avent, Avera, Averet, Avery, Avet, Axum, Aycock, Ayot, Ayotayot, Ayotte, Ayres

B Surnames Added

Babb, Babst, Backstrom, Bacon, Badenier, Baer, Bafundo, Baggett, Bagnell, Bailar, Bailey, Baillargeon Bocage, Baily, Bain, Bainer, Baines, Baird, Baker, Bales, Ball, Ballard, Ballentine, Banker, Banks, Bankston, Banta, Barb, Barber, Barbier, Barbour, Bardwell, Barfield, Barger, Baribeau, Baril, Barker, Barley, Barmore, Barnes, Barnes Bailey, Barnett, Barnhart, Barnwell, Barr, Barrett, Barrick, Barrickman, Barringer, Barron, Barry, Barth, Bartholomew, Barton, Bascom, Bashaw, Bashore, Basle, Basore, Bastelica, Bastille, Bates, Batson, Batten, Battiss, Battle, Battles, Batts, Baucher, Baudard, Bauer, Baumann, Bauserman, Baust, Baxter, Bay, Bayeur, Baylin, Bayse, Baysinger, Beach, Beall, Beals, Beam, Bean, Beard, Beardsley, Beatty, Beaty, Beaudoin, Beaulieu, Beaulieu Martin Dit Beaulieu, Beaumer, BeauprÉ, Beauregard, Beavers, Beck, Becker, Beckley, Beeding, Beer, Beers, Behrends, Beland, Belanger, Belcher, Beledsoe, Bell, Belote, Bemberger, Bemont, Benedict, Benefiel, Benham, Beniga, Bennett, BenoÎt, Benson, Benson Iii, Benten, Bentley, Beotegui, Berber, Berdan, Berg, Bergevin, Bergman, Berkeley, Berkemeir, Bernatchez, Bernier, Berry, Bertrand, Berube, Berwick, Beshore, Bess, Bessette, Bethea, Bett, Betterton, Bevin, Beye, Biagi, Biby, Bice, Bickford, Bidome, Bier, Bierman, Bierschwale, Biggs, Bilbo, Billings, Billingsly, Billman, Bilodeau, Binner, Binns, Bird, Bireley, Birkery, Birkett, Birkhold, Birracree, Bissot, Bitner, Bixler, Black, Blackburn, Blackshear, Blackwell, Blackwood, Blain, Blair, Blake, Blanc, Blanchard, Blanche, Bland, Blanford, Blankenship, Bleddyn, Bledsoe, Blevins, Bloet, Blood, Blount, Blume, Blunk, Bly, Blythe, Boatwright, Bobbit, Bobo, Boddie, Bode, Bodeley, Boehler, Boggs, Bogle, Bohn, Bohner, Boice, Boisbrillard, Bolander, Boldry, Bolen, Boles, Bolls, Bolman, Bolt, Bond, Bonneau, Bonville, Bookout, Boone, Booth, Borgerding, Boring, Boroughs, Borsky, Bott, Bouchard, Bouchard Deserre, Bouchard DubÉ, Boucher, Boucher Dit Montbrun, Boucquenier, Bougher, Boulanger, Bounds, Bourcier, Bourgeois, Bournier, Boutin Dit Labonte, Bouvier, Bova, Bowdre, Bowen, Bower, Bowers, Bowery, Bowles, Bowling, Bowman, Boyce, Boyd, Boydston, Boyer, Boyles, Braase, Bracken, Brackin, Bradey, Bradford, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brady, Bragg, Brakeiron, Bramlett, Brandenburg, Brannan, Branson, Brant, Brasfield, Brashear, Braun, Brazeal, Breden, Breeden, Breedlove, Breen, Breitenbach, Bremer, Brendle, Brennan, Brennen, Brenner, Brent, Brenton, Breton, Brettnacher, Breun, Brewer, Brian, Bricker, Brideau, Brideux, Bridges, Bridget, Briggs, Bright, Brillheart, Brimer, Brindle, Brisson, Bristol, Britcher, Brittain, Brizendine, Broad, Broadway, Brochu, Brock, Brockman, Brodie, Broe, Brolaski, Brooke, Brooks, Brooksline, Brooms, Brotherston, Brotherton, Brousseau, Browder, Brown, Brownfield, Browning, Brownlee, Broyler, Broyles, Brubaker, Bruce, Bruch, Brudnick, Brummett, Brunke, Brunner, Bryant, BrÛlÉ, Bucher, Buck, Buckingham, Buckland, Buckles, Buckmaster, Buckner, Buddemeyer, Bugera, Bugg, Bugge, Bullard, Bullock, Bumbardner, Bunch, Bundy, Burdsal, Burford, Burgess, Burk, Burke, Burkett, Burkitt, Burkpile, Burks, Burleson, Burlew, Burlingame, Burmester, Burnett, Burney, Burns, Buroker, Burr, Burrows, Burt, Burton, Busby, Busse, Bussey, Buswell, Butler, Butler Neilson, Butt, Buttermore, Butters, Button James, Buttrill, Buxton, Byas, Bybee, Byers, Byfield, Byot, Byrd, Byrnes, BÈlanger, BÉchard, BÉrubÉ, BÉtournÉ

C Surnames Added

C, Caddis, Cadell, Cadieux, Cadmus, Cadron, Cadwaladr, Cadwalter, Caile, Cailla, Cain, Cairns, Caldwell, Calhoun, Call, Callahan, Callaway, Callens, Calloway, Calvert, Cameron, Cames, Campbell, Cannon, Canon, Cantrell, Cantua, Canty, Canuel, Capehart, Caplinger, Capp, Capps, Caraway, Carbaugh, Cardenas, Carel, Carlile, Carlin, Carlisle, Carlo, Carlson, Carlton, Carmack, Carmichael, Carnahan, Carneal, Carnes, Carniham, Carol, Caron, Caroncaron, Carpenter, Carr, Carreau, Carrey, Carrico, Carrier, Carroll, Carson, Carter, Cartledge, Cartwright, Caruth, Carver, Carwile, Cary, Casad, Case, Casey, Cash, Casler, Cassidy, Casteel, Castell, Castle, Castleman, Castro, Cately, Cathcart, Catherine, Catlett, Caton, Caudle, Caudry, Caugheycoughey, Cautlon, Cavanna, Cazobon Rocheville, Cekay, Celemion, Cella, Chadd, Chadwell, Chalifour, Chalut, Chamberlain, Chamberland, Chambers, Champigny, Champion, Champlin, Chan, Chandler, Chaney, Chaplin, Chapman, Charbonneau, Charest, Charles, Charlotte, Charpentier, Chartier, Chasse, ChassÉ, Chatman, Chauveau, Cheek, Chesser, Chilcoat, Childers, Chilton, Chisenhall, Cholard, Chorest, Choret, Chouinard, Chris, Christ, Christian, Christman, Chromczyk, Church, Ciece, Claborn, Claghorn, Clancy, Clardy, Clark, Clarkson, Clashman, Classen, Clay, Claye, Clayton, Cleggett, Clem, Clement, Clements, Clemmons, Cleveland, Clevenger, Cleves, Clevinger, Closter, Clough, Cloutier, Clubb, Clut, Clute Roy, Clymer, Coapley, Coburn, Coe, Coffield, Coffman, Colas, Colburn, Colby, Cole, Coleman, Coles, Colin, Colliday, Collier, Colliins, Collins, Collinson, Collom, Colman, Colomb, Colton, Coltrane, Columbe, Colville, Combs, Comeau, Comer, Comm, Condit, Conger, Conkin, Conklin, Conley, Conn, Conner, Connolly, Connor, Conrad, Conroy, Considine, Constance, Constant, Conte, Converse, Conway, Cook, Cooke, Cooley, Coon, Coons, Cooper, Copeland, Copley, Copsey, Corbin, Corbitt, Cordeau, Cordeau Deslauriers, Corder, Cordera, Cordes, Corkins, Cornell, Cornwall, Corriveau, Corwin, Cosmides, Costello, Cote, Cotinaut Champlaurier, Cotton, CotÉ, Couchon, Coulter, Counce, Courlly, Courmier, Coutinko, Coutrier, Couture, Couturier, Coverstone, Covington, Cowell, Cowherd, Cowley, Cox, Coy, Crabb, Crabtree, Crader, Craft, Crafton, Crage, Craig, Craine, Crandell, Crane, Crawfis, Crawford, Crawley, Creager, Creasy, Crebau, Creek, Creel, Crenshaw, Crete, Cretsinger, Crews, Cribbs, Crider, Crinkle, Croach, Croll, Cronnin, Crook, Crooks, Crosby, Cross, Crossen, Crow, Crowder, Crowe, Crowell, Crowell Lepley, Crudup, Crull, Crumley, Crumnet, Crumpton, Cruz, Cubbage, Cuffman, Culbreth, Cullers, Cullumber, Cummings, Cummins, Cunitz, Cunningham, Cunnyngham, Cupples, Cureaux St Germain, Currie, Currier, Curry, Curtis, Curtner, Cynan, Cyr, CÔtÉ

D Surnames Added

D'Amours, D'Amours LouviÉres, D'Anjou, D'Astous, Dafydd, Dahl, Daige, Dale, Dalton, Damour, Danconsse, Dandridge, Dangerfield, Daniel, Daniels, Dann, Dannecker, Dannell, Dannels, Danse, Danz, Daris, Darisse, Darkness, Darnall, Darnell, Darr, Darrough, Darrow, Darst, Darwin, Dasen, Daufitt, Dauge, Daugherty, Daussy, Dautreuil, Davelui, Davenport, David, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Davolt, Dawson, Day, De Ffarynton, Dean, Debra, Deburger, Deck, Decker, Deeter, Deffebach, Deffeback, Defore, Dehner, Dekker, Delaney, Delanter, Delawder, Delk, Dellinger, Delot, Delton, DelugrÉ, Demarest, Denayer, Deneau, Denero, Dengel, Denis, Denney, Dennis, Dennison, Densmore, Denton, Denzer, Depriest, Deremus, Derllinger, Deroode, Derosette, Dersam, Desbiens, Desbough, Deschamps, Deschesnes, Deserre, Deshaise, Deshough, Desjardins Dit Roy, Desjardins Roy, Deslauriers, Desmarais, Desmaris, Desmond, Desnoyers, Despatis, Desportes, Desrosier, Detamore, Detillo, Detrick, Devine, Devlin, Deweese, Dewitt, Dews, Dexter, Dick, Dickens, Dickerson, Dickey, Dickson, Dieckgrafe, Dieffenbaugh, Dikeman, Dill, Dillard, Dillinger, Dillon, Dils, Dilworth, Dinges, Dinsmore, Dion, Dionne, Dippy, Disher, Disheroon, Dismukes, Dit Desjardins Roy, Dit Le Capitaine Michaud, Dittmar, Dix, Dixey, Dixon, Doane, Dobbs, Dock, Dodd, Dodge, Dodson, Doering, Doherty, Dohlman, Dohr, Dokes, Dollens, Dollgener, Dominick, Dommes, Donahue, Donaldson, Donhau, Donley, Donneville, Donovan, Dopp, Doren, Dorothy, Dorris, Dorsey, Doser, Dotson, Dotter, Dougherty, Douglas, Douglass, Dovell, Doyagedodge, Doyle, Dragich, Drake, Drane, Drapeau, Dreisbach, Drew, Driscol, Driver, Dryer, Dryffyn, Du Pont, Dube, Dubeck, Dubert, Dubois, Dubon, DubÉ, Duck, Duckworth, Dudas, Duffield, Duffy, Dufrene, Dufresne, Dugallet, Dugas, Dull, Dumais, Dumas, Dumas Marin, Dumont, Dunakey, Dunaway, Duncan, Dunker, Dunlap, Dunlavey, Dunlop, Dunn, Dunseith, Dupere, Dupille, Dupoise, Dupoleau Duval, Dupont, Dupree, DupÉrÉ, Durette, Durham, Durkin, Durr, Durstine, Dust, Dutcher, Duty, Dworzynski, Dwyer, Dye, Dyer, Dyke, Dykes, Dynes, DÉsilets

E Surnames Added

E, Eadler, Eagle, Eagleson, Earhart, Earheart, Earl, Earle, Early, Eason, Eater, Eaton, Eaves, Ebert, Eckert, Eckhart, Eckles, Edens, Edmon, Edmond Emond, Edmondson, Edmundson, Edward, Edwards, Edwin, Eggleston, Eichelberger, Eichelburger, Eicholtz, Eicklider, Eilers, Einon, Eisenhart, Elbracht, Elder, Eldredge, Elgin, Elidyr, Elisha, Elizabeth, Eller, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Elmore, Elrod, Emalowicz, Emberson, Emerson, Emery, Emlett, Emmons, Emond, Emrick, EmÉline, Enevoldsen, Enge, Engel, Engle, Engledow, Englehaupt, Englishman, Ennis, Enos, Entler, Entwisel, Epperson, Erickson, Erisman, Erlander, Errett, Ervin, Erwin, Eschen, Eshelman, Espasandin, Espy, Essary, Essex, Estes, Ethier, Euphemie Anna Drausin, Eva, Evans, Evelyn, Evens, Everburg, Everett, Everingham, Evers, Ewing, Exum, Ezell

F Surnames Added

F, Fabeygel, Fagerberg, Faneuf, Fannin, Fanning, Faringer, Farmer, Farnell, Farquarsen, Farr, Farrell, Farrington, Farris, Farrow, Fast, Fau, Faulds, Faulkner, Faulwell, Favorite, Feathers, Fellows, Fenigan, Fenton, Ferguson, Fernandez, Ferrel, Ferrell, Ferris, Ferry, Fewell, Ffarrington, Ffaryngton, Ffarynton, Fick, Field, Fielder, Fielding, Fields, Fieler, Filkohazi, Fillion, Finch, Fincher, Fine, Finley, Finnell, Finton, Firestone, Firkle, Fish, Fisher, Fisherback, Fitch, Fite, Fitzarrel, Fitzgerald, Fitzhenry, Fitzmaurice, Fitzpatrick, Fitzwater, Flack, Flanagan, Fleeman, Fleenor, Fleming, Fletcher, Fleury, Flinchum, Flinn Flynn, Flint, Flood, Flora, Flowers, Floyd, Flynn, Foley, Foliart, Folk, Fongemie, Fontaine, Forbes, Ford, Fordham, Foreman, Forner, Forney, Fornwalt, Forrest, Forrester, Forsyth, Fort, Fortenberry, Fortin, Fortner, Fortson, Fosnaugh, Foss, Foster, Foucher, Foulds, Fourman, Fournier, Fowler, Fox, Foxworthy, Frahm, France, Frances, Franck, Frank, Franke, Frankenberg, Frankfather, Franklin, Frantti, Franzel, Fraser, Fravel, Frazer, Frazier, Frede, Frederickson, Freeman, Freiry, French, Frew, Fricks, Friday, Friedlander, Friend, Frierson, Fries, Frietag, Fritz, Froehner, Froelich, Froisland, Froschauer, Frost, Fry, Frye, Fuchs, Fuel, Fuger, Fulcher, Fuller, Funk, Funnel, Funnell, Furgeson, Furlow, Fvei, Fychan

G Surnames Added

Gabouriau, Gaddie, Gaeke, Gagne, Gagnon, Gagnon Belzile, GagnÉ, Gaines, Gaither, Galbirth, Galbreath, Gallimard, Galloway, Gam, Gambrel, Games, Gammage, Gander, Ganivet, Gann, Gantenbein, Gantt, Garard, Garcia, Gardner, Garner, Garnhardt, Garnier, Garrett, Garriott, Garrison, Garrity, Gaskill, Gaston, Gates, Gates Goetz, Gatewood, Gathings, Gatlin, Gaudin, Gaudin Godin, Gaudreau, Gauthier, Gauvin, Gauvreau, Gayle, Gaylord, Gee, Geiger, Gendelman, Gendet, Gendreau Gendron, Gendreau Gendron Dit LapoussiÈre, George, Gephart, Gerald, Gerber, Gerhardt, Gerlach, Germain Belisle, Germany, Gertrude, Gertson, Gervais, Gerwitz, Gettinger, Gettings, Geuy, Gheen, Gibbany, Gibbens, Gibbons, Gibeau, Gibson, Giehler, Giesecke, Gifford, Gilbert, Giles, Gilkes, Gill, Gillenwater, Gillespey, Gillespie, Gillette, Gillman, Gilman, Gilmartin, Gilmore, Giltner, Gipp, Girard, Girouard, Giroux, Girrens, Givens, Gladhill, Glascock, Glass, Glassey, Glazner, Glenn, Gless, Glotfelty, Glover, Gloyd, Glup, Goday, Godbout, Godfrey, Godin, Godt, Goeman, Goforth, Golden, Golding, Goll, Golladay, Gomes, Gonter, Gonzales, Gooch, Good, Goode, Goodell, Gooder, Goodman, Goodwin, Gordenay, Gordon, Gordy, Gorman, Gorn, Goss, Gosselin, Gossett, Gossom, Gote, Goulet, Gounon, Goussery, Gow, Gowing, Goyet, Goza, Graap, Grace, Grach, Grady, Graggert, Graham, Graming, Granberry, Grant, Grantham, Gravel, Graves, Gray, Green, Greene, Greenlun, Greenwood, Greer, Gregg, Gregory, Gregson, Grehan, Greiner, Gresham, Grice, Griess, Griffey, Griffin, Griffith, Griffiths, Griggs, Grimm, Griswold, Grizel, Groff, Grogan, Grolee, Grondin, Gronhalt, Groover, Groseclose, Gross, Grosshans, Grotts, Grove, Grover, Grubb, Gruffudd, Gruffydd, Grunder, Gryder, Grzyb, Guajardo, Guckelberger, Guedry, Guenet, Gueret, Guerez, Guidry, Guillerat, Guillet, Guinn, Gundy, Gunn, Gunsaulis, Gurley, Gustafson, Gustdavis, Guth, Guthrie, Gutierrez, Gutzman, Guvou, Guy, Guynes, Guyton, GuÉret Dumont, Gwalter, Gwen, Gwendy, Gwgon, Gwilyn, Gwngy, Gwriad, Gwyr, Gwys, Gyetvay, GÉnÉreux

H Surnames Added

Habib, Hacker, Hackman, Hackney, Haddigan, Haefele, Haeffner, Haffey, Hagan, Hager, Hagermann, Haggerty, Hahn, Haille, Haisch, Hake, Hale, Haley, Hall, Halsell, Halsey, Hambelton, Hamett, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hamm, Hammel, Hammelman, Hammond, Hammonds, Hamon, Hance, Hancock, Hand, Handley, Handlin, Handright, Haney, Hanley, Hanna, Hannah, Hannon, Hansaker, Hanselman, Hansen, Hansler, Hanson, Hanus, Harbaugh, Harbin, Hardage, Hardeman, Hardesty, Hardie, Hardin, Hardy, Hargis, Harkleroad, Harlan, Harland, Harless, Harman, Harmison, Harmon, Harned, Harnes, Harp, Harper, Harpin, Harrah, Harrell, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Harrisson, Harsanyi, Harshman, Hart, Hartledge, Hartman, Hartnett, Hartt, Hartung, Harvell, Harvey, Harwood, Hasch, Haskett, Haskins, Hastings, Hatcher, Hatfield, Hathaway, Hatlford, Hauk, Haulterman, Haun, Hauser, Hausette, Hautbois, Havard, Hawkins, Hawn, Haworth, Hay, Haycock, Hayden, Hayes, Haynes, Haynie, Hayot, Hays, Hazelton, Headley, Heald, Heaney, Heard, Hearne, Heather, Heavener, Hebnes, Hecht, Heck, Heckman, Heffley, Heffner, Heflin, Hegwood, Heidel, Heider, Heimdale, Heironimous, Heistand, Helbig, Helena, Helms, Heminghaus, Hemmelgarn, Hemphill, Hempstead, Hemwall, Henderly, Henderson, Hendley, Hendrick, Hendricks, Hendrickson, Henley, Hennegin, Hennessey, Hennessy, Hennick, Henningsen, Hennis, Henry, Henshaw, Henson, Heppell, Hepplewhite, Herbst, Hering, Hern, Hernandez, Herny, Heron, Herrin, Herring, Herron, Hershey, Hervieux Dit L'EspÉrance, Herzog, Hester, Hett, Heylmann, Heyser, Heywood, Hibbard, Hibbs, Hice, Hickman, Hicks, Hideman, Hider, Hiffner, Higdon, Higgans, Higgens, Higginbotham, Higgins, Higgs, Hightower, Higly, Hile, Hill, Hillendahl, Hilliard, Hills, Hillstead, Hillyer, Hilton, Hind, Hiner, Hines, Hinkins, Hinten, Hinton, Hire, Hirosota, Hiser, Hitch, Hitchcock, Hite, Hitt, Hix, Hobart, Hobson, Hocevar, Hocker, Hodapp, Hodge, Hodgekiss, Hodges, Hodgkiss, Hoener, Hoff, Hoffman, Hogan, Hogard, Hogland, Hogue, Holaday, Holbert, Holbrook, Holcomb, Holcombe, Holdberry, Holden, Holdford, Holeman, Holley, Hollinger, Hollingsworth, Hollis, Holloday, Holloway, Holly, Holm, Holman, Holmes, Holsomback, Holstead, Holt, Holton, Holwager, Holzmann, Honet, Honey, Hood, Hoos, Hooten, Hoover, Hopkins, Hopper, Hopson, Hopwood, Horn, Horner, Horsetemke, Horstman, Horton, Hosier, Hoskins, Hossman, Hostetler, Hotchkiss, Houck, Houde, Houghland, Houghton, House, Houser, Housman, Houston, Howard, Howdyshell, Howe, Howel, Howell, Hoyt, Huault, Hubbard, Hubou Hubout, Huckeba, Hudgins, Hudon, Hudon Beaulieu, Hudson, Huebner, Huetz, Huffman, Hughes, Hughey, Hull, Hulmer, Huls, Hulsey, Hume, Hummel, Hummer, Humphreys, Humrichouse, Hundley, Hunnicutt, Hunsicker, Hunt, Hunter, Huntley, Huppi, HuppÉ Lagrois, Hurst, Hurt, Hutchings, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutton, Hwgan, Hyde, Hyndman, Hywel

I Surnames Added

Ice, Idwal, Ignani, Ii, Ingle, Ingram, Inks, Irish, Irvine, Irwin, Isaac, Isabell, Isbell, Ivey, Ivor, Iwanovic

J Surnames Added

Jackson, Jacobs, Jahelka, Jakabosky, Jamain, Jamar, Jamerson, James, Jane, Janicke, Jannot Belhumeur, Jantos, Janvrin, Jastwro, Jay, Jayna, Jean, Jefferies, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jennings, Jensen, Jenson, Jeremie, Jerkins, Jernberg, Jernigan, Jeschien, Jessup, Jette, Jeuerke, Jewel, Joan, Joanne, Joeckal, Joeckel, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jolly, Jones, Jordan, Jordon, Joseph, Joshua, Jost, JosÉ, Jotoplous, Joubert, Jouett, Joyelle, Joyner, Jrobe, Juchereau, Judd, Judson, Judy

K Surnames Added

K, Kadel, Kaders, Kagey, Kaley, Kalinec, Kallas, Kane, Kapp, Karch, Karoska, Kartenis, Kasarda, Kase, Kaser, Katharina, Kathy, Kauffman, Kauk, Kauppinen, Kawasaki, Kazan, Keable, Kearney, Kearny, Keats, Keel, Keen, Keenan, Keener, Keevan, Keffer, Keith, Kelker, Kell, Keller, Kelley, Kelly, Kelton, Kemis, Kemp, Kendrick, Kennada Carnealo, Kennan, Kennedy, Kenner, Kennison, Kenny, Kenster, Kent, Kephart, Kerkes, Kern, Kerr, Kerr Carr, Kershmer, Ketterling, Keuhn, Kewes, Kibbey, Kidd, Kidwell, Kiefeaver, Kies, Kighley, Kiklpatrick, Kimble, Kimmons, Kincheloe, Kinchen, King, Kingman, Kingsley, Kinney, Kinsey, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkendall, Kirkham, Kirkland, Kirkpatrick, Kirkwood, Kiser, Kiski, Kiskis, Kisner, Kistler, Kitchen, Kite, Klease, Klein, Kleinknecht, Klien, Klinetob, Klingelhofer, Klipple, Klodsinski, Klotzsche, Kluth, Knadle, Kneisley, Kneller, Knicely, Knickmeyer, Kniffin, Knight, Knisley, Knode, Knodel, Knott, Knotts, Knowlton, Knox, Knuckles, Kober, Kocher, Kochersperger, Koenamon, Koenegstein, Koewing, Kohlfeld, Kohn, Kok, Kolb, Kone, Koneckny, Kopp, Korbel, Koska, Koy, Krachey, Krag, Krantz, Kraus, Krause, Kravanger, Kresse, Kreusher, Kriegbaum, Krolezyk, Krone, Kropsnider, Krotz, Krueger, Kruger, Krull, Krumback, Kruppa, Krysl, Kubley, Kull, Kumm, Kuntz, Kyle, Kyles

L Surnames Added

L, L'Etoile Dit L'Italien, L'Heureux, La Port, LabbÉ, Labelle, Labonte, Labrie, LachaussÉe, Lacombe, Lacquemant, Ladd, Lafaye, Laferriere, Lafevers, Laforge, Lafosse, Lafrance, LagacÉ, Lake, Lakel, Lalande, Lamar, Lamarre, Lamb, Lambdin, Lambert, Lambeth, Lambre, Lammers, Lammy, Lamothe, Lanam, Lancaster, Landers, Landess, Landrum, Landry, Landsford, Lane, Laney, Lang, Langelier, Langford, Langis, Langley, Langlois, Langston, Lanick, Lanier, Lankford, Lannon, Lape, Laplante, Laporte, Larazzari, Larcome, Large, Largent, Larimore, Larison, Laroe, Larouche, Larrew, Larrick, Larrison, Larsen, Larue, Lasalle, Lassen, Latendresse, Lathrop, Lauber, Lauderdale, Laughran, Laughter, Laurimore, Lautelle, Lauzier, Lavasseur, Lavender, Lavoie, Lavoye, Law, Lawler, Lawrence, Lawson, Layman, Layssard, Le Breton, Le Fournier Du Vivier, Le Moyen, Le Pele Lepel, Leach, League, Leanna, Lease, Leasure, Leatherman, Leathers, Lebel, Lebert, Lebert PÉpin Laforce, Leblanc, Leblond, Leboeuf, Lebret, Lechleiter, Lechliter, Lecklider, Leckliter, Leclerc, Lecoe, Lecomte, Lee, Leeka, Lefebvre, Leffler, LefranÇois, Lehman, Leichliter, Leickliter, Leigh, Leighliter, Leighty, Leleux, Lemelin, Lemere, Lemieux, Lemm, Lemmon, Lemons, Lemuel, Lenderman, Lenord, Leona, Leone, Lepage, Lepps, Leroux, Leroy, Lesavege, Leseberg, Lesley, Lester, Letarte, Letertre, Letourneau, Leuan, Levasseur, Leveque, Lever, Levesque, Levesques, Levring, Lewis, Leyser, Libra, Lichliter, Lichlyter, Lichlyter Fane, Licklider, Lickliter, Liddle, Liebrock, Lieux, Liger, Lillegaard, Lillian, Linck, Linda, Linden, Linder, Lindley, Lindsay, Lindsey, Link, Linn, Linnberg, Linsbaugh, Lint, Linville, Lipscomb, Lister, Liston, Litherland, Litteral, Little, Little Hogan, Littlefield, Liuzza, Lizot, Lizot Lizzotte, Lizotte, Llangors, Llewellyn, Llewelyn, Llewllyn, Lloyd, Lnu, Locke, Lockerman, Lockhart, Lockwood, Lofgreen, Logan, Loggins, Logston, Lois, Loiselle, Loiselle Loise Or Loisel, Long, Longworth, Lorts, Losier, Louffe, Loughridge, Louis Adolphe, Loup Wolfe, Loutre, Love, Lovelady, Lovell, Lovely, Lovoie, Lovoy, Lowe, Lowman, Lowry, Loyd, Lucas, Lucenay, Lucille, Luder, Ludlum, Lulschke, Lummus, Lumsden, Lunde, Lusignan, Luster, Lutes, Lutt, Luttrell, Lutz, Lydia, Lyman, Lynch, Lynn, Lynne, Lyon, Lyons, Lyttle, Lytton, LÉvesque, LÉvesques

M Surnames Added

Mabaus, Mabry, Macard, Mace, Macintosh, Maclan, Macleod, Macy, Madden, Maddox, Madison, Maeadams, Maenyrch, Magby, Magnan, Magness, Maguet, Maguire, Magyar, Maheu, Mahoney, Maichel, Mailhot, Major, Makelo, Maladrini, Maldorado, Malenfant, Mallet, Mallory, Malone, Manes, Manicke, Manley, Manning, Manning Lamb, Manns, Mansfield, Mantel, Manuel, Manusch, Mapes, Marcantle, Marceau, Marchand, Marcum, Marcus, Margaret, Margarete, Marguerite, Marigold, Marion, Marker, Markley, Marks, Markwardt, Marley, Marlin, Marois, Maroney, Marquis, Marrs, Marsalis, Marsh, Marshall, Marshell, Marston, Martel, Martha, Martin, Martin Clevinger, Martsch, Marty, Marvel, Marx, Mary, Mash, Mask, Mason, Massa, Masse, Massey, Masterson, Mateau, Matherney, Mathews, Mathewson, Mathias, Mathis, Matlock, Matthew, Matthews, Mattie, Mattingly, Mattison, Mattson, Mauldin, Mauney, Maure, Maurer, Maurice, Mauslip, Mawr, Maxey, Maxwell, May, Mayes, Mayfield, Maynard, Mayne, Mayo, Mazerolle, Mcalister, Mcarthur, Mcbride, Mccabe, Mccafferty, Mccaffety, Mccall, Mccallen, Mccallum, Mccan, Mccandless, Mccann, Mccarley, Mccart, Mccarter, Mccartney, Mccarty, Mccary, Mccauley, Mcchesney, Mcclean, Mcclucky, Mccoach, Mccollom, Mccomb, Mccommon, Mcconnell, Mccorkle, Mccormick, Mccoy, Mccrary, Mccrory, Mccrosky, Mccullouch, Mccullough, Mccune, Mccurtain, Mcdaniel, Mcdill, Mcdonald, Mcdormitt, Mcdowell, Mcelfresh, Mcelrath, Mcelroy, Mcerwin, Mcfarland, Mcfarling, Mcfee, Mcgann, Mcgarry, Mcgaughey, Mcgee, Mcgill, Mcginnis, Mcgough Mcguff Mcduff, Mcgowan, Mcgraw, Mcgruder, Mcguire, Mcham, Mchorris, Mchugh, Mcintire, Mcintosh, Mcinturf, Mcinturff, Mcintyre, Mciver, Mckain, Mckane, Mckay, Mckean, Mckeever, Mckenzie, Mckinney, Mckinnie, Mckinnon, Mclachlan, Mclain, Mclaren, Mclaughlin, Mclean, Mcmasters, Mcmillian, Mcmullen, Mcnair, Mcnamee, Mcneill, Mcnerney, Mcnew, Mcpeak, Mcquaid, Mcqueen, Mcquiston, Mcrae, Mcree, Mcreynolds, Mcsparren, Mctigue, Mctyre, Mcwhorter, Meacham, Mead, Meadows, Mearse, Measle, Mebane, Medford, Medix, Medlock, Meehan, Meeks, Mefford, Meier, Melguard, Mellen, Mellott, Melton, Melvin, Menahan, Mendoza, Menert, Menke, Mercereau Dit La Savane, Meredith, Merfyn, Merica, Meriwether, Merritt, Merseal, Mertes, Mertz, Messana, MessiÉ, Messner, Metcalf, Metts, Metz, Metzger, Metzler, Meyer, Meyers, Michael, Michalets, Michaud, Michon, Mickish, Mickle, Mickus, Middleton, Miears, Miesner, Miginer LagacÉ, Mignault, Mignault Dit Chetillion, Migneau Mignault, Migneault, Mignier, Mignier Dit Lagace, Mignot, Milburn, Miles, Millard, Miller, Miller Md, Milligan, Mills, Millsap, Milot, Mims, Mineau, Miner, Minerd, Ming, Minghini, Minichino, Minier, Mink, Minnie, Minor, Minter, Miskell, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mitchem, Mith, Miville, Miville Deschenes, Miville DeschÉnes, Miville DeschÊnes, Miville Dit Deschenes, Mivillle, Mize, Mizell, Mizener, Moale, Modglin, Moeller, Moerke, Moffett, Moffitt, Mohler, Moler, Momery, Monda, Money, Monforton, Mongeau, Mongeon, Monroe, Montague, Montgomery, Moody, Moomau, Moon, Mooney, Moor, Moore, Moores, Moran, Moreau, Morefield, Morehouse, Morel, Moreland, Morford, Morgan, Morgeson, Morin, Morin Valcourt, Morineau, Morlock, Mornyer, Morphy, Morrell, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Morse, Morton, Moser, Mosher, Mosley, Mosny, Mosqueda, Motlow, Motsumoto, Mottinger, Mouser, Moyen, Muck, Muckenthaler, Mucklerath, Mudd, Mueke, Mueller, Mullen, Muller, Mullikin, Mullins, Mullish, Mumaw, Mumma, Mummert, Munch, Munday, Munsinger, Murawski, Murdock, Murff, Murillo, Murphy, Murray, Murry, Muse, Musser, Myers, MÉnard, MÉtayer

N Surnames Added

Nadeau, Nadler, Nan, Nance, Napier, Narremore, Narthe, Naylor, Neador, Neal, Nease, Needham, Neel, Neeland, Neese, Neff, Neil, Nelson, Nepveu Neveu, Nesker, Neslage, Nessier, Nester, Netherland, Netherton, Nethery, Netzel, Neuforth, Neveu, Newberry, Newcomb, Newcomer, Newman, Newson, Newton, Neyman, Niccoli, Nichol, Nicholas, Nichollenichols, Nichols, Nicholson, Nickels, Nickelson, Nickols, Nicolay, Niebruegge, Nielson, Nieman, Nigh, Nimitz, Nimmo, Niswonger, Nitsche, Nixon, Noble, Noblett, Noblin, Nogle, Noireau, Nolan, Nolley, Nolte, Nora, Norfleet, Norland, Norman, Norrell, Norrick, Norris, Norriss, North, Norton, Norwood, Novak, Nowacki, Nunley

O Surnames Added

O'Bannon, O'Brien, O'Connor, O'Dell, O'Donnell, O'Leary, O'Neal, O'Neil, O'Neill, O'Rourke, Oakes, Obenhaus, Obrecht, Ochoa, Odell, Oder, Odle, Odom, Oelker, Ogden, Ogg, Ogle, Ohem, Oldham, Olin, Oliver, Oliverros, Olson, Onans, Oneil, Orcenberger, Organ, Orman, Ormerod, Ormord, Orndoff, Ornstein, Orr, Orson, Osborn, Osborne, Osbourn, Osburn, Oslin, Otey, Otto, Otwell, Ouellet, Oullet, Outcalt, Outland, Ouvrard, Overbey, Owen, Owens, Owings, Oxborrow, Oxspring, Ozbirn

P Surnames Added

Pace, Padilla, Page, PagÉ, Paigne, Paillant St Onge, Pain, Paine, Pak, Palen, Pally, Palmer, Papera, Paradis, Parc, Parchmont, Parent, Parglonx, Parham, Parish, Parisi, Park, Parke, Parker, Parkin, Parkman, Parks, Parmentier, Parris, Parsons, Partington, Parvis, ParÉ, Passon, Patman, Patterson, Patton, Paul, Paulsousck, Pavillon, Payette, Payne, Peacock, Peak, Pearce, Pearl, Pearsall, Pearson, Peather, Peck, Pedrazzi, Pedrosa, Peebles, Peer, Peerman, Peeters, Pelletier, Pelletiere, Pellitier, Pemberton, Pence, Pendleton, Penn, Pennell, Penner, Pennington, Pepin, Pepoon, Pepper, Perkins, Perreault, Perrier, Perrin, Perrine, Perry, Perryman, Persman, Person, Personette, Perthuice, Peruzzi, Pesdeclaux, Peters, Petersak, Peterson, Petit, Petre, Pettigrew, Pettus, Petty, Peuvret, Pexton, Phalan, Pharis, Phaucas, Phelps, Phenegar, Philips, Phillipi, Phillips, Phips, Phocas, Picard, Pichelman, Pichette, Pick, Pickens, Picker, Pickering, Pierce, Pierre Boyd, Pigg, Pike, Pilliod, Pineau, Pinette, Pinkley, Pinkston, Pinnell, Pipe, Pitman, Pittman, Pitts, Plante, Platt, Platts, Plourde, Plows, Plumley, Plunkett, Poe, Pohoresky, Poigneer, Poindexter, Poirier, Poitras, Poland, Polch, Pole, Polick, Polk, Pollack, Polsley, Polverin, Pond, Ponder, Pontius, Pool, Poole, Poore, Pope, Poplar, Porche, Porhola, Porro, Porter, Porthamal, Post, Poston, Potter, Pottinger, Potts, Potvin, Poulin, Pounders, Poundstone, Pourciau, Powel, Powell, Prasatik, Prater, Prather, Pratt, Prebble, Presley, Preston, Prewitt, Price, Priddy, Priester, Prince, Prinkey, Printup, Pritchard, Prizer, Proband, Procter, Proctor, Procuniar, Profitt, Proser, Prowell, Pruitt, Pruneau, Pryor, Przybylski, Pugh, Puisoye, Pullins, Purcell, Purdum, Pursell, Pursellia, Putnam, Putnaman, Pyatt

Q Surnames Added

Qualls, Quattlebaum, Queyrouze, Quigley, Quinn, Quint, Quist

R Surnames Added

Raaf, Rabe, Raburn, Rachel, Rachelchester, Racine, Raclot, Rader, Radliff, Ragan, Raimey, Rainbow, Rains, Rainwater, Raisch, Rakes, Rakestraw, Ramage, Ramborch, Rametta, Ramle, Ramos, Ramsay, Ramsey, Randall, Randolph, Rankin, Rapelje, Raper, Rapmund, Rapmundrapmund, Rappleyea, Rasco, Rasmussen, Rastall, Rathbun, Ratliff, Ratzlaff, Ravenstein, Rawlings, Rawls, Ray, Raybourn, Rayfield, Raymond, Raynolds, Read, Reade, Reagan, Real, Reay, Reck, Recker, Record, Rector, Redden, Reddig, Redican, Reding, Redman, Reece, Reed, Reese, Reeves, Refkofsky, Regas, Regeas, Regenald, Regula, Rehment, Reid, Reider, Reilly, Reimer, Reineiman, Reinhard, Reinhardt, Reish, Rembert, Renaud, Renfrow, Renk, Reno, Rentch, Ressler, Rettig, Rey, Reyder, Reyes, Reynolds, Rhea, Rhinehardt, Rhoades, Rhodes, Rhonloc, Rhulman, Rhyner, Rhys, Riccius, Rice, Rice Miller, Rich, Richard, Richardmichaud, Richards, Richards Valesquez, Richardson, Richey, Richison, Richmond, Richter, Rick, Rickard, Ridenhour, Ridenour, Ridgely, Rienecker, Riffle, Rigby, Riggs, Rike, Riker, Riley, Rinehart, Rineheart, Ring, Ringeison, Ringo, Ringstadt, Riopel, Riordan, Rioux, Ripley, Risenhoover, Ritchards, Ritchey, Ritenour, Ritzler, Riverin, Rivet, Rivoire, Roan, Roark, Robb, Robbins, Roberge, Roberson, Robert, Roberts, Robertson, Robeson, Robey, Robichaud, Robinette, Robinson, Robishaw, Robison, Robnett, Robohm, Rochford, Rockey, Rockhold, Rockwell, Rodd, Roderick, Rodney, Rodshaffer, Roe, Roeth, Roger, Roger Latouche, Rogers, Rohler, Rohrer, Rohwedder, Roland, Rolandeau, Rolland, Rollins, Ronemous, Rook, Rooksberry, Root, Ropp, Rose, Roseann, Roseanne, Roseberry, Rosella, Rosewitz, Ross, Roten, Roth, Rothchild, Rothgeb, Rouhlhac, Rouillard, Roulhoe, Roundtree, Rountree, Rousculp, Rousseau, Rousselot, Routzong, Rowden, Rowe, Rowentree, Rowland, Rowlett, Rowse, Roy, Roy Desjardins, Roy Dit Desjardins, Roy Dit Lauzier, Roy Dit Voisine, Royall, Roydesjardins, Royer, Ruais, Rubberson, Ruble, Ruch, Rucker, Ruckle, Ruder, Rudicil, Rudolph, Ruff, Ruha, Rumgay, Rump, Runkle, Runnels, Runyon, Rupel, Rupert, Rush, Rusie, Russell, Ruth, Rutherford, Rutter, Ryan, Rydberg

S Surnames Added

S, Sabina, Sadgeberry, Sadler, Sais, Salmon, Salmons, Sample, Sampson, Samsa, Sanborn, Sanders, Sanderson, Sandes, Sandidge, Sandifer, Sanford, Sansing, Santerre, Santoff, Santorum, Sarah, Sasse, Sasseville, Satterfield, Sauber, Saucier, Saum, Saunders, Saures, Sauter, Sauvage, Savell, Sawyer, Say, Sayler, Saylers, Saylor, Scales, Schaeffer, Schafer, Schamburger, Scheider, Schell, Schiedel, Schienback, Schif, Schilz, Schlaegal, Schleicher, Schlenker, Schloeman, Schmalenberger, Schmid, Schmiddin, Schmidl, Schmidt, Schmutzer, Schneider, Schnitzer, Schnorf, Schodowski, Schoff, Schofield, Schoo, Schoultz, Schrader, Schraff, Schrank, Schreier, Schroeder, Schroth, Schrum, Schubart, Schuenemeyer, Schulter, Schultz, Schulz, Schulze, Schumacker, Schutz, Schwartz, Scoby, Scott, Seales, Seals, Seaman, Seaton, Secor, Secrest, Sedam, Seibert, Seip, Sell, Sellenriek, Sellers, Selman, Seniff, Serodina, Setser, Settlemeyer, Sevestre, Seward, Sewell, Sexton, Shade, Shadoan, Shaffer, Shaffner, Shaneyfelt, Shank, Shanks, Shannon, Sharon, Sharp, Sharpe, Shaughnessy, Shaver, Shaw, Sheardown, Sheets, Sheetz, Shelby, Sheldon, Shell, Shellhart, Shelton, Shepard, Shephard, Shepherd, Sheppard, Shepphard, Sheridan, Sherman, Sherron, Sherwood, Shew, Shipe, Shipman, Shipp, Shireman, Shiverdecker, Shockley, Shoemaker, Shoemate, Shores, Short, Shotwell, Shoults, Shoup, Showalter, Shrader, Shram, Shreve, Shrinko, Shriver, Shropshire, Shuck, Shugart, Shull, Shultz, Shutters, Sibert, Sibley, Siddens, Siebel, Siebert, Siegeler, Siegler, Sigler, Signetshaw, Siler, Sillyman, Silvertooth, Simard, Simmonds, Simmons, Simms, Simon, Simpson, Sims, Singletary, Singleton, Sink, Sirois, Sirois Dit Duplessis, Sirois Dit Duplessy, Sisley, Sivertson, Skaife, Skeen, Skelton, Skiles, Skillern, Skillman, Skinner, Skirdin, Skogsberg, Slagle, Slater, Slauson, Slavik, Slight, Sloan, Sloane, Sloderback, Slonaker, Slough, Slutz, Smail, Small, Smallwood, Smidlapp, Smiley, Smith, Smith Landers, Smithee, Smither, Smithey, Smithson, Smothers, Snader, Snapp, Snell, Snelling, Snelson, Snodgrass, Snow, Snowden, Snowdon, Snyder, Socolofsky, Sohn, Sohner, Solt, Sommers, Sonneborn, Soper, Sorden, Sorregan, Sorrell, Souci, Soucy, Souders, Soulard, Soulliere Dit Sustier, Southard, Southern, Sowers, Spangler, Spankuch, Spann, Sparger, Sparks, Spate, Spaulding, Spayd, Speaks, Spear, Speece, Speed, Speer, Spence, Spencer, Sphar, Spiggle, Spirz, Spitler, Splawn, Spotwood, Sprague, Spriggs, Springer, Sprint, Spruice, Spurgeon, Spurgin, Spurlock, St Amand, St Denis, St Galais, St Jorre Sergerie, St Laurent, St Pierre, Stack, Stacy, Stadnicki, Stalcup, Staley, Stam, Stamps, Stancik, Standefer, Standish, Standley, Stanford, Stanley, Stansel, Stansloski, Stapler, Staples, Stapleton, Stapp, Stark, Starke, Starns, Statler, Steadham, Stearns, Stebbins, Stedman, Steenson, Stegel, Stein, Steinbaugh, Steinman, Stemme, Stemmerich, Stephen, Stephens, Stephenson, Sterenberg, Sterling, Stern, Sterner, Steudtner, Stevens, Stevenson, Steves, Stewart, Stickford, Stickley, Stiers, Stiles, Stillman, Stimpson, Stinson, Stivers, Stock, Stocker, Stodgell, Stoehr, Stoker, Stone, Stoop, Storm, Story, Stout, Stovall, Stover, Stowe, Strain, Straley, Strand, Strandhagen, Strange, Strathern, Stratton, Strawderman, Strayer, Street, Stribling, Stricker, Strickland, Striet, Strike, Strine, Stringer, Stringfellow, Stroh, Stroud, Strouse, Struble, Struckoff, Stuart, Stubblefield, Stubbs, Stuckey, Stuerzenhofecker, Stuhlsatz, Stults, Stump, Stutesman, Stutsman, Suggs, SuliÉre, Sulke, Sullenbarger, Sullivan, Summers, Summey, Sumner, Sump, Sunman, Surface, Surina, Sustier, Sutherland, Swafford, Swan, Swaney, Swann, Swartz, Swayne, Swearinger, Sweat, Sweeney, Sweetwood, Swegel, Sweny, Sweyer, Swift, Switzer, Swope, SÉnÉcal, SÉvenat

T Surnames Added

Tabler, Tabor, Tafoya, Talleur, Talmadge, Tanner, Tapley, Tapp, Tardif, Tardiff, Tarleton, Tartar, Tarver, Tasker, Tate, Tatum, Tavare, Tavenner, Taylor, Taylor Polk, Teal, Teeters, Tegyd, Telotte, Temple, Templeton, Templin, Terhune, Terrell, Terrill, Tessier Laplante, Tettlowe, Thacker, Thantham, Tharp, Thayer, Theberge, Theil, Theobald, Therbenthaless, Theriault, Therrien, Theuer, Thibaudeau, Thibault, Thibeault, Thibodeau, Thibout, Thiboutot, Thieme, Thiessen, Thinnes, Thistle, Thivierge, Thomas, Thomason, Thompson, Thorn, Thorne, Thorson, Thrasher, Throckmorton, Thumm, Thuot, Thurman, Thweatt, ThÉberge, ThÉriault, ThÉrriault, Tiedje, Tillery, Tillman, Tilton, Timmons, Tincup, Tinkle, Tittle, Tobin, Todd, Todt, Tolbert, Tolliday, Tomasck, Tomlinson, Tompkins, Toni, Touchstone, Tout, Tower, Towers, Towner, Townley, Townsend, Tracy, Trafford, Trafton, Trail, Train, Trainer, Trainor, Trandal, Trask, Trautwein, Travers, Travis, Tremblay, Trentor, Tribby, Tripp, Trottin, Trout, Truchon, Trudeau, True, Trusty, Tuck, Tucker, Tuguz, Tune, Turcotte, Turek, Turk, Turley, Turner, Turney, Turnock, Turpin, Tutor, Tuttle, Tyler, Tyner, Tyree, Tyrell

U Surnames Added

Uhl, Ulry, Umbarger, Umphry, Underwood, Unknown, Unseld, Updegraft, Upham, Ursprung, Usher, Utley, Utterback

V Surnames Added

Vacula, Vail, Vaillancourt, Valdenar, Valentine, VallÉe, Van Gels, Van Hooker, Van Martin, Van Ness, Van Tieghen, Vance, Vance Ii, Vancleave, Vandenburg, Vandermark, Vandervoort, Vanderwort, Vandever, Vandiver, Vankirk, Vanlandingham, Vargas, Vargo, Varvel, Vasquez, Vaudry, Vaughan, Vaughn, Vaught, Veach, Veech, Veilleux, Veith, Velasquez, Venable, Venness, Vent, Verreau, Vessey, Vest, Vetuski, Via, Vidal, Viel, Viessman, Viggers, Vignola, Villars, Vince, Vincent, Vining, Vinson, Viola, Vion, Viser, Vivian, Vogel, Voisin, Voisin Roy, Voisine, Vollopeter, Von Berg, Vonderake, Voorhees, Vooskies, Voris, Vosine, Voss, Vossler, Voyer, VÉzina

W Surnames Added

Waddy, Wade, Wadleigh, Waggoner, Wagner, Wagoner, Waid, Wainright, Wake, Wakefield, Wakeland, Walborn, Walch, Waldeck, Walekus, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Waller, Wallis, Walls, Walradt, Walser, Walsh, Walston, Walter, Walters, Walthall, Walton, Waltz, Wanckel, Wanckell, Wanhatalo, Wankel, Ward, Wardenburg, Ware, Warman, Warner, Warr, Warren, Warrick, Warrington, Wash, Wassem, Watermoon, Waters, Watkins, Watson, Watters, Watts, Way, Wayne, Weakley, Weatherbee, Weatherby, Weaver, Webb, Webber, Weber, Webster, Weeks, Weers, Weidner, Weigel, Weikum, Weiler, Weimer, Weingart, Weir, Weis, Welch, Welcher, Welford, Welley, Welling, Wells, Welsh, Welter, Wendell, Wendle, Wenger, Wengert, Wennihan, Wentzel, Wertel, West, Westbrook, Westlake, Westmoreland, Wetzel, Weyler, Whalen, Whaley, Wharton, Whatley, Wheeler, Wheelock, Whicker, Whipp, Whisenant, Whiston, Whitaker, Whitby, White, Whitehead, Whiteis, Whitesides, Whiting, Whiting Jones, Whitkey, Whitley, Whitmer, Whitmore, Whittaker, Whitten, Whittington, Whobrey, Wicker, Wiegands, Wieleman, Wiggins, Wigginton, Wilbanks, Wilbeck, Wilburn, Wilder, Wiley, Wilhelm, Wilie, Wilkers, Wilkerson, Wilkin, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Willard, Willee, Willenbring, Willets, Willey, William, Williams, Williamson, Willie, Willing, Willingham, Willis, Wills, Wilmos, Wilmot, Wilmoth, Wilsey, Wilson, Wiltshire, Winborn, Winchester, Winford, Wingard, Wingfield, Winslow, Winston, Winter, Winters, Wise, Wisely, Wiseman, Wissler, Withers, Witt, Woerndle, Wofford, Wogmouth, Wolaver, Wolfe, Wolford, Womack, Womble, Wood, Woodard, Woodleif, Woodruff, Woods, Woodson, Woodward, Woolf, Woolley, Woolsey, Word, Worden, Worford, Workman, Worley, Worm, Worsham, Worsley, Wray, Wreed, Wright, Wyatt, Wycoff, Wykoff, Wylie, Wynn, Wynne

Y Surnames Added

Y, Yancey, Yanders, Yarbrough, Yates, Yaxley, Yeager, Yerby, Yocuam, York, Yorston, Yost, Young, Youngblood, Younkin

Z Surnames Added

Zanzeberg, Zastro, Zebrowski, Zeilinski, Zenser, Zerbie, Zerkle, Zimmerman, Zirkle, Zufall, Zugin


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