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Research Interests Forum Entry for WILLIAM M TILLINGHAST at PROVIDENCE, PRO., R.I.

From 1800 to 1900
Location: PROVIDENCE, PRO., R.I.

Contact: Jerold McCartney
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Research Interest: Looking for connection for William M. Tillinghast b.1858, Kansas to 1 June 1865, Pawtucket RI Census Rec 137 Fam 288 Jane M. Tillinghast, Age 42, Canadian b.Irish Pa William M. Tillinghast, Age 7, b. Kansas American Parentage. 1 June 1870, Pawtucke t RI Census Rec 1421 Jane Tillinghast, Age 46,b. Canada, F M foreign b William M. Tillinghast, Age 12, Born in Kansas, Father Mother foreign born. Not certain if Jane the mother of William M. Need help if the American Parentage listed in th e 1865 Census is because they were Canadian Born.

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