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Newanc -> Virginia -> Born-1877 -> Ye -> Yeary family -> Mary Yeary - Index

This is a partial index.

This is a portion of one of the many Yeary families in Virginia in the Ancestry Archive™.

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Husband:    Morrison Green Slagle
Birth/Chris:     ... 1872 at ...
Death/Burial:    ... 1960 at ...
Wife:    Mary Pheobe Ann Polly Betsy Yeary
Birth/Chris:     ... 1877 at ...
Death/Burial:    ... 1947 at ...
Married:    ... 1897 at ...


1. Slagle, George Franklin Frank - Birth/Chris: ... 1897 at ...
2. Slagle, Morrison Green - Birth/Chris: ... 1898 at ...
3. Slagle, Charles Worth - Birth/Chris: ... 1900 at ...
4. Slagle, Samuel Patton - Birth/Chris: ... 1901 at ...
5. Slagle, Unnamed Twin - Birth/Chris: ... 1901 at ...
6. Slagle, Caster Lee - Birth/Chris: ... 1903 at ...
7. Slagle, Millard Filmore - Birth/Chris: ... 1904 at ...
8. Slagle, Bonnie May - Birth/Chris: ... 1906 at ...
9. Slagle, Clarence Eugene - Birth/Chris: ... 1908 at ...
10. Slagle, Joseph Jewell - Birth/Chris: ... 1909 at ...
11. Slagle, William Cleveland - Birth/Chris: ... 1911 at ...
12. Slagle, Woodrow Wilson - Birth/Chris: ... 1913 at ...
13. Slagle, Silas Hascue Has - Birth/Chris: ... 1914 at ...


Married in the John Yeary house, just east of the Rocky Station Fort 
House. Died at Benedict Yeary house, Rocky Station Fort Property. On 
deed bearing date 11 January 1873, Rial Lawson gave to Francis Slagle & 
wife, Mary Elizabeth (Lawson) Slagle, land of 246 acres on South (should 
be North) Side of Wallin Ridge, which Rial had paid $1,000 for. This is 
the farm where all of M.G. & Mary's children but Hascue were born. 
Bought the Rocky Station Fort House in 1906 and lived there until death.
On November 1st 1906 Morrison bought the Benedict Yeary house with 50 
acers of land more or less from Rebecca Lloyd widow of Alford C. Loyd. 
For the sum of sixty dollers and six days work a year with team and 
wagon. Rebecca Lloyd was to have the house and about 2 acers of land for 
her use until her death. That she was to pay the taxes on her part and 
Morrison was to pay taxes on his. Deed book 47 page 56 Lee Co VA. 
On November 10th, 1906 he bought one hundred thirty-six acers and 
ninety-six poles more or less, from James M. and Lizzie Daugherty, this 
was also part of the Alford C. Lloyd farm. For the sum of two thousand 
ninety-one dollors and twenty-four cents ( $2991.24) the note was to be 
paid in four years. Morrison paid the note off in 13 months. Deed bo
page 47, Lee Co.VA.

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