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Newanc -> United Kingdom -> Born-1792 -> Os -> Osbaldestan family -> Alexander Osbaldestan - Index

This is a partial index.

This is a portion of one of the many Osbaldestan families in United-Kingdom in the Ancestry Archive™.

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Husband:    Alexander Osbaldestan
Birth/Chris:     ... 1792 at ...
Death/Burial:    ... 1853 at ...
Wife:    Emma Rye
Birth/Chris:     ... 1812 at ...
Death/Burial:    ... 1891 at ...
Married:    ... 1836 at ...


1. Osbaldestan, Maria - Birth/Chris: ... 1837 at ...
2. Osbaldestan, Henry - Birth/Chris: ... 1838 at ...
3. Osbaldestan, Susanna - Birth/Chris: ... 1839 at ...
4. Osbaldestan, Emma Rye - Birth/Chris: ... 1842 at ...
5. Osbaldestan, Alexander - Birth/Chris: ... 1844 at ...
6. Osbaldestan, Mary - Birth/Chris: ... 1846 at ...
7. Osbaldestan, Mary Hague - Birth/Chris: ... 1848 at ...
8. Osbaldestan, Mary Ellen - Birth/Chris: ... 1850 at ...
9. Osbaldestan, William - Birth/Chris: ... 1858 at ...


On December 30, 1852 Alex Osbaldeston made his will.  The shaky, almost
illegible signature on the will showed him to be a very sick man.  His
signature on previous documents is most distinctive and shows hand writing and
Exactly one week later on January 7, 1853, he died.  He is believed buried in
the cemetery on the grounds in front of the present Anglican Church in Clinton,
( I have seen a picture of the tombstone on the south west corner of the
church, James M. MacDonald), near the school where he first taught.  No record
of pioneer burials in these grounds have been found.  His will left all his
estate to his wife Emma Rye Osbaldeston, durin her life time and then to his
children to be divided according to his wife's wishes.  The Excutrix to be his
wife, Emma and the Execcutors to be William Cook and Hillary Horton, brother in
law to Emma.  (Emma's sister Ellen Rye married Hillary Horton).
This was witnessed by G.B. Goodwin, William cook and Joseph Rye, Sr. (Father to
Emma and Ellen Rye).
His widow Emma Rye struggled on with a young family for several years and then
married John Grummett.  In 1861 Census of Canada show them living in a one
story log house on the Osbaldeston homestead.  Apparently, problems arose and
in a document dated May 8, 1863, John and Susanna (Osbaldeston) Horton (Susanna
being one of Alex and Emma Osbaldeston's children) were to pay Emma Rye
Osbaldeston Grummett $350.00 per year and to erect and finish a dwelling house
for her on the homestead property on or before September 1, 1864, with at least
two rooms and to permit her to occupy the same dwelling during her natural
life, provided she did not go to live with her husband, John Grummett and he
did not attempt to live with her, in such case the $350.00 would cease and her
right to reside in the said house should at once be at an end.
The Clinton New Era for July 25, 1890, had the following in the Leeburn News. 
Old Age Honored.  Mrs. Grummitt, mother of Mrs. John Horton, with whom she
resides, celebrated her 78th birthday on Wednesday last.  She is quite smart
and hearty and able to knit and sew without spectales. Among those from a
distance who spent the day with her was her son and family from near
Holmesville,  Goderich.
The Leeburn News in the Clinton New Era of December 4, 1894 reports the stern
hand of death has again been in our midst in person of Mrs. J. Grummett at the
age of 79 years.  She is buried in Colbourne Cemetery.
The above information from the Osbaldeston History by Elizabeth G. Osbaldeston,
wife of John Alexander Osbaldeston.

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