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Newanc -> Pennsylvania -> Married-1829 -> Al -> Alger family -> Jerome Alger - Index

This is a partial index.

This is a portion of one of the many Alger families in Pennsylvania in the Ancestry Archive™.

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Husband:    Jerome Alger, Jr
Birth/Chris:     ... 1806 at ...
Death/Burial:    ... 1884 at ...
Wife:    Sarah Funston Brittain
Birth/Chris:     ... 1811 at ...
Death/Burial:    ... 1880 at ...
Married:    ... 1829 at ...


1. Agler, Elmira Elmyra - Birth/Chris: ... 1832 at ...
2. Alger, William Pemberton - Birth/Chris: ... 1835 at ...
3. Agler, Mary Elizabeth - Birth/Chris: ... 1838 at ...
4. Agler, Joseph Wilson - Birth/Chris: ... 1840 at ...
5. Agler, John Estraus - Birth/Chris: ... 1842 at ...
6. Agler, Clark Sylvestor or Sylvester Clark - Birth/Chris: ... 1845 at ...
7. Agler, Brittain Jerome - Birth/Chris: ... 1848 at ...
8. Agler, Margaret - Birth/Chris: ... 1852 at ...
9. Agler, Martha Miranda - Birth/Chris: ... 1854 at ...


TITL Register of Richard Britton
Sources: IGI Family History Library; Britton Genealogy Early Generations from
Somersetshire, England to Staten Island, NY; Early Settlers of Kings co,
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Nicholas Stillwell; The Roll Family Windmill; John Stillwell Genealogy; Fisher
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of Richard Brittain; Brittain Family from Deats Collection Hunterdon, NJ;
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and Montour Counties, PA; Bowman and Brittain Families, Columbia Co, PA; Family
Bible of Zeb J Brittain 1934; The White Family Record; Descendant of Peter
White; Lee Co IL Census;  House of Waltman and its Allied Families; Lycoming
County Bible Records Joseph Brittain Bible
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MEDI Manuscript

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