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Newanc -> Other -> Born-0385 -> Os -> Ostrogoths family -> Vandalar Ostrogoths - Index

This is a partial index.

This is a portion of one of the many Ostrogoths families in Other in the Ancestry Archive™.

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Husband:    Vandalar Av Ostrogoths
Birth/Chris:     ... 385 at ...
Death/Burial:    at ...
Wife:    unknown
Birth/Chris:     ... 385 at ...
Death/Burial:    at ...
Married:    ... at ...


1. Ostrogoths, Theodemir Av, King - Birth/Chris: ... 405 at ...
2. Ostrogoths, Valamir Av - Birth/Chris: ... 405 at ...
3. Ostrogoths, Vindimir Av - Birth/Chris: ... 405 at ...

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